Reach Health-Conscious Shoppers

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Sell to more CBD consumers

We connect your product inventory to our app, allowing consumers to purchase from you conveniently. 

Wholesale Discovery

Streamline your wholesale process. Now you can find new products and brands to sell in-store directly through your SteerLyfe dashboard

Customer Engagement

Use your SteerLyfe profile to direct message SteerLyfe members, add promotions, and post content.

How It Works - Direct to Consumer


Connect To Our Platform

  • SteerLyfe’s technology connects to your website and payment system, bringing your in-store inventory live to our app to start selling ASAP

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SteerLyfe Users Shop your Inventory

  • Our users can search by brand, product type, ingredients and more to find the most convenient way to buy your products

  • We can link your blog to our in-app news feed, allow innovative consumer messaging features, and even allow booking of services


Fulfill & Deliver Order

  • Consumers will be able to pick-up their order in-store (for retailers), have it delivered immediately (if you offer this service), or get it shipped to them

  • You are always the merchant of record. All orders and payments will be processed and fulfilled by YOU

No sign up, or cancellation fee. It's free to sign up!

SteerLyfe Pricing

Direct to Consumer

Percentage of Sale
That’s right, no subscription to be on SteerLyfe. We only charge a percentage on every sale you generate through the SteerLyfe App. We don’t get paid unless you get paid.


Freemium Model
For retailers,  wholesaling is free. You can search manufacturer’s product catalog and message them to start the wholesale process. For manufacturer’s it’s free, with exclusive premium upgrade options.


Zero. Zip. Nothin’. Adding SteerLyfe to your business is free. For direct to consumer, we charge based on the sales you generate through our platform. That’s right, we only get paid if you get paid. For wholesale, you can do business on our platform completely free. However, there are some MAJOR perks for Brands to upgrade to our premium membership. 

We leave that up to you. We never set your prices, so whatever price you determine, that’s the price on SteerLyfe. 

You are always the one processing the payment and fulfilling the orders for sales your company generates through SteerLyfe. We never hold any of your funds. Instead, we will invoice you at the end of the month to settle payment. 

No, SteerLyfe is a marketplace that connects vendors inventory to our app. Along with selling direct-to-consumer, retailers can leverage their SteerLyfe dashboard to search manufacturers wholesale catalog. If a retailer is interested in a product/brand they can directly reach out to the manufacturer to start the wholesale process.